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Amsterdam and Friends

Amsterdam in Winter

ENDING 2016 in Amsterdam was great. But I need to admit that I am glad I got to reign in the new year with one of my best friends Megan. Meeting up with her made me realise that you have friends for a reason. You select the people you need the most to be your friends. While it was freezing I got to spend it with two lovely ladies. Keren and Megan. I took away from that trip that friends no matter how far are still yours and you care for them dearly. 

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Now, what would life be without friends? I always needed 3 different types of friends in my life. They are as follow:  (Now sorry if you are my friend and you find yourself in one of these. Just know that I can not live without you :P) 

Leader – This friend whether it be a he or her, they always help me make up my mind. They make plans with me and for me. They are always the one that decides when to go and when to leave. I love this friend dearly because I will always be lost without her. 

Feminist – The one that makes me feel like a powerful woman! Someone that always shows me that woman can do the same as men or even better! Thank you for always making me feel strong. 

Co-Friend – Now this is Adam my husband he is my everything friend. My keep her calm and steady, know it all friend. 

These are my friends and I plan on adding more to this list as I grow. I just want to say thank you to all my friends out there all over the world. I love you. 😀 

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