Date Ideas

Autumn and Winter Date Ideas

Autumn and Winter Date Ideas 

As I look around the leafs are turning a lovely yellow and red. Maybe even brown. This season is a big month for us as a couple it is both out Birthdays and also the time I would miss my family the most. It can be very draining on my husband but he handles it great by now.  So this brings me to what we did in October and November. Dates are very important in a relationship. I do hope these inspire you. 

Travel Local 

We went away for a weekend to Buxton. This is a small hideaway town with local spa waters and great walks. I can honestly say that I walked more than my 10000 steps a day there.  We stayed at the Palace Hotel  and I fell in love with it. The local shops are great and the atmosphere is amazing. We spend the whole weekend just embracing one another and enjoying why we are married.  Go out and explore around you will not believe this but Buxton is only 30 min away from us. 

Buxton Palace Hotel
Buxton Palace Hotel

Here is a Video about Buxton if you want to know a bit more. 

Bed Dates

This is one we do regularly. Do not get out of bed, turn off that phone and just relax together alone. This is important for any couple. You can watch movies, sleep and even do nothing together. This is a great winter date idea. You can make it extra special if you light some candles and have some treats. My favourite right now is from Imperial Candles  Lemon Lime Mojito and Raw Chocolate Ombar  that I got in my Pink Parcel. 







Opera or Ballet with Popcorn 

Did you know that The Royal Opera House of London record life productions at your local cinema? Here you can see what is coming your way. We went to Anastasia and I have to admit I was in tears at the end. This is a new found passion we both love doing. 

I do hope you got some inspiration. If you want more be sure to follow me on my Social Media and do not forget to subscribe to my newsletter. 

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