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Dancing in the Rain

Now I hate the rain, nothing is worse than being stuck in the rain and wet. This weekend my hubby forced me to go out because I was sick with a bug. It rained and I stopped in my tracks as I open the door and my face was covered in disgust.

Journey of a Lady as Disgust
Journey of a Lady as Disgust









But then I heard the laughter of my hubby and that made me smile. We have this quote in our relationship.

Journey of a lady
Learn to dance in the rain.

And I couldn’t agree more, here I am hating the rain but forcing myself to learn to love it. Isn’t this what we should do in life? When things is hard and boy do they get hard. Then chin up and look for the fun in the day. Last year was by far the worst year in my life. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone but I also wouldn’t want it any other way. I learned so much about myself and what I can do. I came to a conclusion that with God I can do anything but with God and my husband I am superwoman. He is my best friend and he knows that.

So lets get back to the day I stopped in my tracks and he sorta kinda pushed me out the door into the rain with motivation. If you know me or my hubs you know he is the calm and sensible one. For him to do this means I was really down hehe. But none the less we went and saw the great movie “You before Me“.  I really wanted to see this movie but didn’t make a fuss about it because I know he doesn’t like these types of movies.  As I cried my eyes out he hugged me and allowed me to use him as a tissue. He danced in the rain. I love him for this.

My point with this post is to remind you to find the small thing that make you happy and turn it into a big this. So big it makes you dance in the rain.

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