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Digital Devices in a Relationship Yes/No? (PokemonGo as a date night)

Unless you had no communication channels you would have heard of PokemonGo. Now let me rant on a bit about this. You get two sides to everything, people who love it or people who hate it. I on the other hand love it. In todays thought of the day I want to talk about how you can use digital devices in a relationship to improve your dates. I used to think that mobiles should be a no go during dates but not anymore. I slowly started to see their use in the relationship itself. I am going to talk about how your mobile phone can help your relationship.

Date ideas and inspiration

PokemonGo is a brilliant example of this. Now if you do not know what PokemonGo is, it is a mobile app or game that lets you catch small animal like creatures walking around linked to your GPS. Now the reason why I am talking about this is because we have been going on PokaDates. It is free and you go for really lonnnnng walks. 

Pinterest as also a great resource to help with dates and date ideas. Not only do you get lost in it yourself but how about you and your partner create a board where you can share ideas. We have one for Food ideas and date ideas. I also have a secret board for random conversation prompts. There will be a day where your better half doesn’t have anything to talk about. Instead of forcing a conversation on him or her you can always lead the conversation through these prompts.


We live in the world of education, there is an unlimited amount of resources available to you to help your relationship. Before you believe anything you read on the web make sure that you follow the following guidelines:

  1. Go on recommendations from friends, you can even ask those wise ladies in your life.
  2. Make sure the website is credible and not just there to boost their ratings on the web. I always read bloggers or writers that do their research themselves before hitting the post button.
  3. DO NOT give out any personal information. Need I say more?…

Play Together

I like to read and so does my husband, sometimes we like to read together. With the Kindle app on your phone you are set for a reading date. I like it when he reads to me rather than me reading to him but that is us. You can also play mobile games together. I am sure there is something out there that you two can enjoy together. The key here is to try new things and not be afraid of technology.


I do get annoyed if we are “connected” online the whole time. I do believe in taking breaks and when that happen we call for a Saturday in bed with no phones. We do have long conversations and enjoy each other. So there comes a point where you need to agree that everything is good in moderation.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Have a great weekend and let me know what you think.

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