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So I went on a Spa weekend with my friend! It was amazing, but as I enjoyed my new Primark Swimsuit one of my friends said that she would never buy from them because of the conditions of the workers.  Even though they are now actively working on their Ethical conditions (read more here). I never really thought about where my clothes come from and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

Journey of a lady
Journey of a Lady looks at Ethical Fashion

Now if you are new to this as I am my first thought was “it is going to be expensive”. No it doesn’t have to be. You can buy from charity stores, swap your or make your own. I always wanted to make my own clothes but I am not that creative and I do not have the time. But now having this incentive will motivate me to have a go at basic stuff. I am also going to try and buy my clothes at local stores and from local makers. This include accessories and other fashionable things. I have been really deliberate with this decision and leaning on my friends (especially Kathryn) for information, hints and tips. I came across the following online shop People Tree   and I cant wait for payday to buy a couple of things.

To me ethical fashion means that the piece of clothing has a history and I know where it came from. When I hold it in my hand I do not want to feel guilt or knowing that someone was forced to make it with tears. I know this is harsh but this is how I feel about it. Being a woman who loves fashion and everything with it this topic really hit me in my heart. So before I even think of buying a clothing piece I research the brand and shop. And weirdly I have not bought anything for myself fashion wise for a month. So the key here is to research, research and more research.

Here are a couple of places to start:

Hope you enjoy reading this and made you think. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment or even contacting me on my social media.

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