Five Fat Files

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Like I said before I have been reading A woman after God’s own heart, by Elizabeth and I can not rave enough about this book. If you have not read it yet do yourself a favor and go read it now! Open Amazon here and buy it! In this book she talks about Five Fat Files, when I read these words I started to panic. Now keep in mind this is after the holidays and I might have picked up a couple of pounds, so my first thought was “Ow no not this now”. But then she explained it as your five keen interests in life. You then only focus on these areas in your life centered around God and everything else.


My mind started to ran in a spiral of panic because if you know me at all you would know that I am a lover of new knowledge and want to know everything. I now understand why Elizabeth wrote about this in her book, you as a woman after Gods own heart wants to focus all your free time on Him, but you need free time and you choose how to spend that free time.

This brings me to the BIG question: What would you like to be known for?

After considering this and praying about this I had three of my FFF.

  1. Godly Women – I want to be known for understand the womanly role in her home and how she can be an example just like Jesus. This is really dear to my heart as you know. I am blessed with many Godly Women in my life that sets great examples of this. I also plan to read as much as I can about this and reflect on this blog about what I read. I feel that this will help me grow spiritually closer to God and improve myself as a woman.
  2. Teaching – I am a teacher by heart and Career, so this naturally would be one of my FFF. I want to focus on teachers in the Bible and what methods they used to spread the Word of God.
  3. Sex in a Christian Relationship – This is a difficult subject to talk about and I want to change this perspective. I honestly think that this should be an open topic in any household, however I do no know as much as I would like about this so I want to expand my knowledge on this.

This made me think and reflect, I even asked my husband this question: “When we are at church and someone comes up to you and ask about me, what would you want to hear from them? What would they want to know from me? What is my area of expertise? ” Now in return I got a blank stare from my husband because this was just before bed. (Note to self remember to keep deep discussions for an appropriate time) Then he said Positive thinking, this I did not expect but I made this one of my FFF (Five fat files).

So in total I have four, I am keeping my mind and heart open for the 5th one. So if you have an idea do not hesitate to leave a comment, you can also follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

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