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January Favorites

Whoohoo,  I love doing these posts! This month I have been enjoying my work to the fullest and also my husband. However I have been hit with the flu a couple of times this month.  So naturally one of my favorites would be a sicky thing…

Detox Bath



In my bath I added the following:

  • Epson Salt (1 Scoop from my hand)
  • Lavender Oil (Just a couple of drops)
  • Eucalyptus Oil (Just a couple of drops)

I like my bath to be steaming hot and a husband running it for me before hand.

Dogtooth Personal Organizer

00546368_1 00546368_2

This is a great orginiser from Paperchase, I have been using it for work and absolutely love it! It has a great feel to it, the cover is fabric with two elastic bands that allows me to pop my phone in it and keeping it secure.  I did buy some extra inserts, like the plastic ziplock bag and sticky notes. Everything all together only cost £20. Now I do have a personal planner that my amazing friend Sylvia got me from South Korea. I have been using that one for  more sentimental happenings. More about that one on another post!!

Sony Z5 Premium


My new phone!! I really need to play with the camera a bit more this is why I have been still on Instagram. But just give me time to master this amazing new tool. Read more about this smartphone on the Sony website.

L’Occitane Shea Butter


I have been using this on my lips because the weather sucks bad… I hate winter. Need I say more… NO!

People I Want To THANK tumblr_inline_nrtdqe51l61qltdq3_500

This month several people really touched my heart, Sylvia you sent me some amazing gifts from South Korea. I love you girl and miss you so so much, thank you. Katie thank you for tagging along to the vintage sale and spending some friend time with me. Adam my husband thank you for looking after me and being my center ground of gravity. Thank you Ivy Church for helping us regain our focus on God. And thank you God for everything.



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