Morning Organisation

This month I started at my new job hence the not posting part. But I am determined to post once a week. Right now I am wondering how I am going to manage a working career, my home, my blog as well as my relationship with my husband and God. I am considering a few ideas I want to try out.


Organise the Night Before
I have been planning my outfit for the next day the night before and this alone saved me some time in the morning to spend that extra 5 minutes in bed with a coffee and my husband.  This is important to me, if this doesn’t happen in my morning routine I feel lost.
I have also been packing my lunch for work ahead of time, now here I can see how I could improve on my home making foundation.  I could also pack a lunch for my husband.  I will try and do this tonight and for the rest of the week. Another thing I want to try is getting up earlier and to do this I would have to go to bed a bit earlier the night before.

This is all I have now, I am struggling to keep up with home management but I trust in God and pray that He will give me the energy to make things work.

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