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Not According to Plan

When things do not go according to plan I always tend to overthink some things.  I used to sit up at night and overthink and over stress everything. Or when something happened that was not part of my plan I would froze.

In the past year I learned that action needs to be taken and that you can not just sit and think and overthink anymore. TAKE ACTION. Do something. Anything. If you just sit there and sit, what do you achieve? I suggest a couple of things to do before you fall into a ball and cry your eyes out.

First, see if it is worth the effort. Make sure that you are not turning a ant hill into a mountain. I tend to do this often, make a big deal out of nothing. They are laughing, is it about me? What did I do to them? Is it my clothes? Am I overweight? Is my top okay? Is there something on my face?… And on I go. If you find yourself in this never ending loop stop it right now. You have no place even think about it. Even if they are talking or laughing about you it should not matter. Why? Because it is not worth it. They are not God or your husband. Or family and if they are you should pray about this and find a way to talk softly to them. But in all my life my family never laughed at me always with me and the same goes for my husband and my in-laws.

unikitty journey of a ladySecondly breath… Take a deep breath in and out. If this doesn’t help think of unikitty! That’s what I do. I copy her words. This is my go to thing to think about that instantly cheers me up.


Lastly I would say you just need to sit down and cry. This always helps me when things are really bad and not according to plan. By this I mean a really BIG thing. Do not cover up the emotions or disappointment because it is not worth it in the end. Always express what you feel to someone you can trust and if you do not have that someone around you, always remember that God is there and you can tell Him.

Do you have any tips to relax and move on? You can leave a comment on here or follow me on any of my social media.  Coming up this month I am going to write a bit more and could do with some ideas… hint hint. Let me know what you think.

Pic of the day!

Not as plan move on journey of a lady
When things do not go as plan… move on


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