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1st Year Anniversary

Advice from Wise Woman

It is our one year anniversary and I could not have asked for a better Husband. He walks with God every day and helps lead me into prayer every night. I love him so much.

The day before I got married amazing women wrote to me in a book advice on a marriage and relationship. These were what they said:

  • Always choose love and God – This advice really kept me going through the bad and good times. We always chose love and God above money and fame, or even some luxury. 16559464
  • Laugh and cry together – I always cry in every movie I watch, I even cried in Deadpool! If you have not seen the movie yet go and make time to see it. It is a great love and action story. We always enjoy watching movies together.
  • Spend time together and apart – Like I said above we love watching movies but this weekend we went unplugged. This is always great when you need to reconnect and touch base with your SO.  In this photo, we went to see Iron Man and I dressed up for it. I could see it in his eyes how much he enjoyed spending that time with me. The fact that we have the same interests in movies really made him happy. And making him happy makes me happy. Movie date
  • Pray always, this is really important. I will share with you that I was always scared to pray aloud bit with Adam’s help I kinda pray now. It is a working progress and if he understood Afrikaans it would be so much easier for me. Journey of a lady adam and me
  • Trust in one another! Always! I do not trust anyone more than I do him. God is not human so that is why He doesn’t count in this. But Adam is my rock and my compass right after God. I do not second guess him and the decisions he makes because he has never let me down.
  • Welcome him home with a hug and a kiss, sometimes a beer. Or bacon.

Extra Bits

I hope you enjoyed reading a bit more about us. Here are a couple more pictures for you to stalk over.


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