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Do you know about Podcasts? Well let me tell you about this amazing new thing I found this year. A podcast is like a radio station that you follow online, I personally use the app PodcastAdict by Google Play and never looked back.titus_2_4_5_by_lace910-d6dgwjv

I am always on the go these days and wanted to find a way to incorporate Home Making research into my daily routine. This is exactly what this podcast has done for me. It is Called The Home Making Foundation  by Jami Belmet and she is just an amazing woman. I reached out to her on Instagram and she responded the same day. But let me tell you about this Podcast.

She explains how you as a young wife can build on your home making skills and serve God on the same time. I never thought that a podcast can change the way I feel about cleaning the house so much. She also talks about how you can help your family stay healthy and active. Every week she talks about a new topic and right now I am on topic 9.

In topic 1 she touch base with what a home maker is exactly, this was really interesting to me a a young wife. I was brought up to serve my husband however I do complain and nag, but not that much right now. I needed this in my life at this stage because I was loosing the concept of being a home maker. I was starting to forget what I had learn form my gran and mother, this started to remind me again. I do not want to tell you anymore about this amazing podcast I really hope you go and take a look for yourself.

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