Date Ideas

Date Ideas for Rainy Days

By Journey of a Lady

It is raining, it’s pouring, and we need some date night ideas. Don’t you just hate it when you have a lovely date planned and then the weather comes and mess up that plan.  Well I thought long and hard about this post, in order to be a Lady of God we need to accept all weather changes, or even all changes in life and make the best of it. So I figured why not some back up ideas for a rainy date night. Right now in the UK it is raining cats and dogs, I am from South Africa so I do not love the rain but I also do not hate the rain. You can say it is a slippery slope when it comes to my relationship with rain. It does bring growth and a fresh start for all thing living, wash away the dirt that we do not need and provide us with H2O.

So why the frowns when it ruins our wonderful day?

If you are the adventures type:

  • Grab your Hunters and his, go outside and play in the puddles.
  • Kiss in the rain, now this is an oldie but a goody. If you are fortunate enough to have a waterproof camera or a GoPro why do you not film this and act like movie stars.
  • Go ride a bus, this is a nice way to get to know your town and also not get wet. I love this date, I was upset just before we went out for our date and my husband decided that the best thing to do is to just sit in the bus and watch what is going on outside. I loved this, it took my mind of our circumstances and helped me focused on what is happening now. That right now it is me and my husband.

If you are an inside lady:

  •  “Netflix and Chill” and I do mean you can take this any way you want.
  •  Play a game together, now by game I mean any. If your husband is a gamer suggest a Co-op game and ask him to help you. Play a board game or even a make believe game.
  •  Have a restaurant date in your own house, order in your favourite as a couple then set the table all fancy with candles. Run upstairs and put on your most daring outfit you would only wear for your husband and try to make it to dessert.
  •  Have a DIY Spa date,  just Pinterest this and you will find an endless supply of information and ideas.

For the talkative couple:

  •          Have a game show night, write questions down about yourself and ask your husband to answer them and visa versa. There are a lot of these Q & As online. (I fill link some at the bottom)
  •          A dream date, plan your ultimate dream date together. Research the flights, restaurants, clothing and so on. Trust me this kept us busy for 3 hours and you learn a lot from your significant other.


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