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I started listening to this on the 18/01/2016, I also decided to try out audible for a month and chose this book from the recommendation of Jami Balmet.  Now personally I always like to have the book in front of me but something inside of me (maybe God) told me to try it this way. And I have to be honest it will take time for me to get use to it this way but I have enjoyed it. By listening to a book I was able to keep up with daily chores and cook while I listen. Someone once told me God created women to multi task like this, now how accurate this is I am not sure, but I can see it working. Also if you sign up to audible you will receive a free book for the first month after that you would need to pay a subscription charge.
I finished the book in a month by listening to it while I commute to work and back. The hype around it is justified, this book really helped me to organise my time better and priorities what is important and what is not.
She ask you to write down your priorities early in the book, so I thought I would document them here on my blog for everyone to see.  This will help me stay accountable for them and focus on them deeper.
  1. God and my relationship with God, I have always focused on this but I am going to dig deeper with this priority.
  2. My Husband, I would like to get to know him on a deeper and spiritual level. Also I just love spending time with him. He is my best friend.
  3. My Home, our home is a working progress however I love to live in a relaxing and beautiful environment.
  4. Family and Friends are important, here I want to build on my relationships and help where I can.
  5. Personal Growth, this is where I want to focus on being more healthy and building up mental stamina.

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