Happy in this stage of life.

Okay so here I am sitting in my bed and rethinking our home. Should we move to a bigger house? Should I just remodel? My thoughts keep on going and going. Well if you do not know me by now. I think ALOT. Maybe that is not the problem, why does it feel like something is missing, is there even something missing. The living room is done and the kitchen, but what about the rest. I have to admit I am not good at this whole decor thing. I would walk into a friend’s house and absolutely love everything but in my home I tend to miss the plot. Or so I think. Right now there are three rooms that I can say is finished. Those rooms are the living room, kitchen and bathroom. But how do I make the master bedroom a master bedroom and our dining slash office into a hipster worthy living space. And don’t let me even start on our spare bedroom. We currently have a fold out bed in it for friends and family staying.

journey of a lady
Happy in the stage of our life right now.

How do people just get it right? Is it a gene thing? I do not think so because my mom has a lovely house and everything has its place. Even though we need to sleep on a blow up bed when we visit it still looks and feel wonderful. Wait maybe that is it! Maybe it is the atmosphere of the home that makes it so perfect. If that is the case then my home is perfect. My husband loves it and so do I. When I get home I have a cute cuddly cat that greets me. A warm bath every night and a big bed with a mattress picked out by us. We always have friends and family staying over for a couple of nights. This alone is proof that my home is perfect for the stage we are in now. I think as a woman my house would never be perfect there will always be something that I need to do. Or even better want to do.

So coming to a conclusion this morning after church. For those who do not know we go to Ivy Church in Manchester and absolutely love it. We threw ourselves into a grow group and we slowly begun growing. But that is not the point. The conclusion I came to was that I am happy where I am at now. Comfortable but also out of my comfort zone. There will always be something missing, that something is God pushing us to our next phase in life.

Where are you in your phase of live? Please leave a comment! Follow me on my social media if you want and read on for more exciting things. Lol not that exciting but more heart felt.

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